Aesthetic Body Scrub: $ 65.00

Body Scrubs and paraffin: A body scrub is required by almost every woman which want's to energize their skin with full of vitamin and to achieve a healthier and beautiful skin. By just massaging through using Antiox body scrub anyone can get a pleasant experience and feel a great freshness into their skin. Antiox body is created by using world's top natural ingredients which normally contains Vitamin A & E and lot more helpful to give soft and silky skin, and it's doesn't matter that your skin is either rough or sensitive, it's well suited to all type of skin.

Parafango Wrap: $ 90.00

Parafango, a combination of paraffin (mud) and fango (seaweed), is typically used to decrease the appearance of cellulite. The body is covered in the mixture, wrapped with warm linens and left to rest for about an hour. The Parafango draws out toxins while the heated wrap compresses fatty tissue. The result is firmer, tighter skin. This wrap is also used to treat muscle soreness. The substance encourages deep stimulation and increases circulation.

* All of the above Signature Spa therapies can be combined with other spa services like full body massage, facial : Duration 120 minutes.